In the air

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants reassure passengers by assisting with in-flight safety procedures and making sure safety protocols are followed during flight. This includes checking that all seat belts are fastened, seats are upright and luggage is properly stored. In the event of an emergency, they might lead or monitor the evacuation and be called upon to perform first aid.


Here are the main requirements and qualities needed:

  • Minimum age – 18 to 21 years, depending on the airline –
  • At least a high school diploma
  • Height – 4ft11in and 6ft 3in, or 150cm and 190cm, tall (this is debatable)
  • Be a “healthy weight” for your height
  • 208cm reach (on tippy-toes if you have to)
  • 20/30 vision (with or without corrective measures)
  • Havea good physical ability (for instance, be able to lift heavy baggage into overhead lockers)
  • Clean, neat, conservative appearance
  • Being able to speak a second language greatly improves your chances to
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Professional team leader who works well under pressure
  • Flexible and work well in a team
  • Patient, caring and conscientious
  • Focused on customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Problem solver and able to multitask effectively
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Punctual

Before applying with a company, you must get your “Cabin Crew EASA” certificate. The training lasts 1 to 2 months and gives the possibility to apply in national and international companies which will provide the training specifi to the type of aircraft the flight attendant has been hired for.

International requirements and qualities:

  • A good knowledge of English + the language of the country where the company is based and a third language is preferable
  • High school diploma
  • No internal ear issues
  • Capable of swimming minimum 50meters
  • Good stress management skills

Let’s find where you can study: