On the ground


En-route Controller. The selection procedure is divided into several phases. You have to pass each phase before going on to the next one.


The first phase measures your basic skills in:

  • English
  • mental arithmetic
  • decision-making
  • logical reasoning
  • working memory
  • visual perception
  • attention
  • spatial orientation

The second phase tests how well you apply those skills in working conditions. You are assessed on your:

  • multi-tasking ability
  • trainability
  • collaboration
  • stress management

You are also given a personality questionnaire to complete. After this, you are interviewed by active controllers, psychologists, training and human resources experts. The interview panel will explore your motivation in becoming an air traffic controller. They will look at your background, education, work experience (if any) and your general career expectations.

Finally, they will assess your overall suitability for the career, weighing up your motivation, the degree to which you cooperate, your stress resistance and your level of interactive proficiency.

If you pass these phases successfully, you will undergo a medical examination. The selection rate of a student controller recruitment campaign is about 6%. That means, for every hundred who are tested, six of them will meet our standards.

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