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Manufacturing Engineer

The field of competence is engineering. The main qualities needed are autonomy and precision.

manufacturing engineer

The manufacturing engineers oversee designing the aircraft production systems (including computers robots machine tools and equipment). Thus, this category of engineer is responsible for the production line management in the aeronautical field. They must supervise the manufacturing of an aeronautical product, (from the phase of purchase of the products until the complete realization of the product). The production engineer organizes the manufacture of an aeronautical product and ensures the efficiency and productivity of the company.

As a manufacturing engineer you will for example:

  • animate and lead the production teams
  • Determine the production deadlines for equipment or aircraft.
  • ensure compliance with the company’s technical specifications
  • Plan the maintenance operations to be carried out on the aircraft

There are sub-categories of manufacturing engineer in the aircraft sector:

  • Aircraft Production manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Lean Manufacturing Engineer

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