On the ground


The fields of competence are communication and/or management. The qualities needed are persuasion, reactivity, a good feeling with the others and a taste for digital tools.


The communication professionals aim to enhance the image and/ or the actions of a brand to all the actors of the industrial sector: workers, stakeholders, customers, etc. in order to promote higher common shared values.

There are multiple sub-categories in the aircraft sector:

Communication manager: The communication manager defines communication campaigns. He maintains close relations with clients (external communication) and with the members of the company (internal communication). In addition, the communication manager promotes the brand’s achievements to different audiences. For example, the communication manager will decide with his team on how to communicate properly for the market launch of a new aircraft.

Public relations director: The public relations director is usually at the head of the communication department and he is specialized in the creation of a positive public image for clients. As part of his work, he maintains relationships with various members of the government, the media, the press, even investors in order to generate new business opportunities for the industry.

Event planner: An event planner is professional who creates and coordinates meetings, conventions, such as aerospace forum, business forum, professional meetings, air show etc. These professionals select dates, locations, accommodations etc. and they draw up contracts with the participants.

Let’s find where you can study to work in communication for the aviation sector: