On the ground

Health and Safety Specialist

This includes doctors, nurses and others. The fields of competences are medecine and medical sciences. The main qualities needed are to be rigorous and attentive.

health & safety

Health professionals are also present in the aviation sector. They are vital as they ensure the health and validity of the integrity of the personnel and beneficiaries of the general aviation sector.

Here is an overview of the different sectors related to the aviation sector you can work on as an Health and Safety Specialist:

  • Infirmary Doctor (pilot health tests)
  • Specialists in air transport pathologies
  • Specialists in airport medical services, border health control
  • Specialists in airborne medical evacuation
  • Rescue workers (intervention, repatriation etc.)
  • Medical air transport (by airliner, medical aircraft etc.)
  • Occupational medicine in companies in the aeronautical sector

Let’s find where you can study: