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Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilot holder (CPL/A : Commercial Pilot Licence/Aeroplane) are authorized on VFR single-pilot commercial flight. This category of flight can’t be above 13.000ft or 4000meters.

commercial pilot

The following options are the different types of commercial pilot careers:

  • Surveillance and equipment testing Pipeline patrols, forest fire watch, powerline patrol…
  • Crop duster operation Locus control, crop treatment…
  • Aerial photography Optimize the position of the plane for a target point to be seen by the photographer
  • Parachutists drop
  • Flight instructor in a flight school, in a factory…
  • Corporate aviation passengers or cargo transport for business or corporation
  • Charter operation for-hire operation, there is no set schedule, and you could potentially fly to many different types of destinations, different than airline operations
  • Discovery flights for those who want to discover flying and fly the aircraft themself
  • Tour guide Fly over landmarks and area of interest to provide passengers a sky-high view.
  • Ferry operations Delivering an aircraft to a person or a company
  • Law enforcement National air police surveillance
  • Air show stunt
  • Media company pilots Flying for news organizations
  • Banner towing
  • Contract work charter, corporate, or any work that may come up on a need-for-need basis
  • Test pilots Usually with a military or engineering background testing that new aircraft are safe to fly
  • Equipment testing Pipeline patrols and powerline patrol pilots spend many hours flying over our nation’s infrastructure looking for faults

Let’s find where you can study to become a Commercial Pilot: