On the ground


The fields of competence are trade and selling and appeals to the buying and selling process. The qualities needed are good negotiating skills, to be organized, persuasive, meticulous and a sense of challenge.

These professionals monitor the profitability, competition and performance of the company in order to keep its place in the industrial air trade. They try to optimize the quality, and costs related to intermediate consumption.

There are three sub-categories in the aircraft sector:

Commercial manager, director: The commercial manager participates in the development of a structure or company. He also participates in the development of new markets but also in the search for new distributors and customers. He must ensure that he meets the main objectives set by the company manager, and also the demands of its clients. Thus, he develops a commercial strategy to enter or remain in the aviation and aeronautics markets.

Sales representative: He knows and masters both the technical aspects of the sales process and the characteristics of the products, aircraft, services he sells. Thus, he relies on his commercial and technical skills. He participates directly in the development of sales revenues in the aviation sector. He is also in charge of prospecting for the development of the client portfolio. In addition, he represents the company and ensure the good sales process of the product (e.g aircraft) or service (e.g. Maintenance).

Marketing: The marketing manager analyzes business markets and trends in order to implement an appropriate and effective marketing and communication strategy. This professional defines how his company’s products, or services are positioned in the market against the competition. He is in charge of promoting the product or service to buyers and stakeholders. Industrial marketing is the key step to make a customer adhere to the brand.

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