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Aeronautical Engineer

The field of competence or education needed is engineering. The man quality requested here are to be detail-oriented, patient, creative, synthetic, teamwork, good reactivity.

aeronautic engineer

An aeronautic engineer work in the development of new aircraft and related technologies, designing aircraft and propulsion systems and studying the performance on aircraft and materials.
This sector is very diversified since the professionals work in various specialized fields:

  • mechanics
  • electronics
  • avionics
  • aerodynamics
  • computer science, etc.

Software engineers may then be involved in the construction of airplanes, helicopters, space launchers or satellites. They can also design highly specialized parts for various devices such as radars, or software systems. As an aeronautic engineer you will for example:

  • Create digital models of aircraft
  • Create simulations templates
  • Develop new high-tech products of the aircraft sector
  • Develop new software for aircraft
  • Design and repair aircraft and materials
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Designing and developing software for aircraft equipment

Let’s find where you can study to become an Aeronautical Engineer: