On the ground


The field of competence is Management. The qualities needed are to be ambitious, optimist, conscientious and to be a leader.


There are two main sub-categories in the aircraft sector:

CEO: The company director guarantees the economic profitability of the company, for which he also has social responsibility. The CEO ensures the smooth running of the company for which he is responsible, its sustainability and growth. It ensures the strategic steering of the structure and gives the major commercial and industrial directives. Finally, he represents the company.

VICE PRESIDENT: He is part of the top executive management and assists the CEO. They make big decision for the future of the companies during executive committee and board of directors. Usually, he holds a management position in charge of an area of responsibility (such as airworthiness, avionics, software.) in order to set precise objectives to be achieved.

Let’s find where you can study:


Becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer does not happen overnight. CEOs make their way through a combination of hard work, perseverance, but also specific and managerial skills. Usually, the functions of decision-makers require a two-step process:

Technical studies in engineering or specializing in air transport

  • Engineering school

Management and business administration studies

  • business school
  • management school
  • MBA Msc in specialized school such has IFURTA, EM, IAE etc.