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Human Resources

The fields of competences are medicine and medical sciences. The qualities needed are to be attentive, polyvalent and to speak multiple languages.

human resources

Human resources professionals are essential for the skills and talents management of the staff. The human resources manager ensures good human and social relations within the company. The Human Resources Director or the Human Resources Manager gives guidelines on the profiles to be recruited after analyzing the company’s needs in terms of skills. For example, if the head of the design office is looking for a new engineer specializing in software, the HRD will have to launch recruitment searches to find an engineer who matches the skills required.

In addition, human resources specialists manage the careers of the workers and they ensure the transmission of knowledge between the different age groups. For example, if an avionics expert retires, human resources specialists must ensure that his knowledge is passed on to his replacement. In that way, the company maintain the same level of expertise and competence.

The human resources careers in the general aviation sector are:

  • Director of Human Resources
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Career Manager

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